The future is visual

Learn how visual search can transform your e-commerce business

Pixyle BI

Vision AI to increase customer engagement and conversion

Make better decisions with our powerful analytics. See what your customers are searching, identify what styles are converting the best and move faster than your competitors.

Visualize the gap

Identify in real-time what are the most searched and sold colors, patterns, and product categories.

Anticipate trends

Instantly see what styles are trending and react in time by closing the gaps you have in your catalogue.

Integrate into the platforms you already love

Connect our insights with Power BI, Tableau or Google's Data Studio.


Recommendations that inspire

tions that inspire

Our deep learning technology combines visual recognition with historical conversion data to propose additional products that not only complete a certain look but also have a higher likelihood of converting.

Similar to [x]

Recommend other products that have a similar pattern, shape or color.

Looks good with [x,y,z]

Make it easier for your customers to complete a look by suggesting other items that match that style.


Let Pixyle do the heavy lifting

Embrace AI automation with our state-of-the-art visual recognition, capable of processing and labelling hundreds of images per minute.


We enrich your product catalogs with descriptive attributes. With Pixyle your products are easily discovered, and your catalog management simple. The descriptive tags that Pixyle automatically generated are the basic building block of all your business intelligence.

Cut costs

Pixyle replaces manual and costly product labelling with artificial intelligence. With Pixyle you can process hundreds of images per second.

Precise product attributes

Categories your products with more than 200 attributes.

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