Visual search that inspires 

Pixyle gives your customers a delightful e-commerce experience thanks to our ai-based visual search technology.

Visual search by any image

Make it easier for your customers to find what they want by uploading an image of what they have in mind.

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Make better decisions with Pixyle BI™

Pixyle gives rich insights into what your customers are looking for and take guessing out of your catalogue planning.

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Smart recommendations

Smart recommen-dations

Make the most out of your clients visual search with smart recommendations.

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You can count on Pixyle to help you…

Surprise your clients with the power of AI

Improve customer experience by providing smart recommendations with AI visual recognition.

Boost sales with better insights

Gain unparallel business intelligence that will optimize your SKU inventory and drive conversions.

Automate, save time and reduce costs

Use our algorithms to automatically tag your products with over 500 attributes.

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