Improve the efficiency of your e-commerce operations with automatic tagging

Replace manual, repetitive and costly labeling with our state-of-the art visual AI than can auto-tag and process your entire catalogue in minutes instead of hours.

Pixyle's image recognition software enables you to deliver great online customer experiences. It's accurate, powerful and integrates seamlessly with your tech stack.

Yellow t-shirt automatically tagged
Yellow t-shirt automatically taggedYellow t-shirt automatically tagged

Why automatic tagging?

Clean catalogues

With accurate and rich tags associated with your products, you will improve the catalogue management processes. The descriptive tags that Pixyle automatically generates will improve your e-commerce store filters and provide seamless product discovery for your customers.

Mini, round neck and plain dresses listed based on the chosen tags
Visual describing the amount of images tagged per hour if pixyle’s automatic tagging does it against a human

Assign tags to your products
in no-time

Pixyle replaces manual and costly product labelling with visual artificial intelligence. With Pixyle you can process hundreds of images per second with rich descriptive tags. Save time, costs and improve efficiency in product catalogue management.

Visual describing the amount of images tagged per hour if pixyle’s automatic tagging does it against a human

Know what your customers like in more detail

Powerful descriptive tags on your products enable understanding of shoppers' intent during their customers journey, even without their history. Use product auto tagging to know in more detail what fashionable products they like.

Girl wearing a floral shirt with long sleeves and high neck with bounding boxes on the collar and sleeve
Girl wearing a red pineapple dress with its alternative text listed below the image

Image meta tags for optimising your SEO

We enrich your product catalogues with descriptive attributes for your visual search engines to find easily. Go beyond just saying that this product is a “dress”, but that is ‘’a red sleeveless mini dress with round neck, pockets and a fruit pattern”. Describe your products in a same way your customers search them on search engines and boost your product discovery through AI.

Girl wearing a red pineapple dress with its alternative text listed below the image

Auto-tagging will help you to:

Improve efficiency by simplifying catalogue management
Capable of accurately processing hundreds of images per second, our AI-powered automatic fashion tagging feature will save you and your team hours of work and thousands of euros and help you optimize your catalogue management processes.
Understand and capitalize on shoppers’ intent
Pixyle’s accurate and rich descriptive tags will help you create clean, easy-to-navigate catalogs and improve your e-commerce category filters, enabling you to understand customer preferences and capture shoppers’ intent during the buyers’ journey, even without their purchasing history.
Improve your SEO ranking with

Rank higher in search engines by enriching your fashion-item images with accurate and relevant metadata attributes. Describe your products with the same language your customers use in their search engine queries and provide fast and seamless product discovery.

Why choose Pixyle?

Experts in fashion

Rooted in the fashion industry, we have developed a deep visual-first focus on clothing and apparel. Our large fashion knowledge-base gives us the highest level of product understanding.

Serious about accuracy

As scientists, we take accuracy very, very seriously. It's in our DNA to question everything and look for correct answers instead of easy answers. We always improve, test and iterate.

Powerful AI

Our AI-powered software is robust, reliable, scalable and fast. It can automatically tag 336,000 images in a day. That's over a hundred times more than a human can.

Seamless integration

Quickly and easily integrate our visual API with your systems. Pixyle is a visual AI SaaS that can be used on top of any technology stack. It's easy to implement and easy to use.

Improve your product data with our AI-powered automatic tagging solution