Boosting Thrifted's Efficiency and 10x Sales Growth with Pixyle's AI

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June 20, 2024

Case Studies

Collaboration Overview

Thrifted, a leading second-hand marketplace, faced significant challenges in managing their product data manually. By imputing data manually they were not able to list products effectively on platforms like eBay and Shopify. To streamline these processes and enhance their online presence, Thrifted partnered with, leveraging AI-powered tagging and image moderation solutions to significantly improve their operational efficiency and online sales.

Thrifted's sales growth with Pixyle's AI

About Thrifted 

Thrifted Ltd, based in the UK, has been the home of vintage clothing

Thrifted Ltd, based in the UK, has been the home of vintage clothing since 2018, dedicated to revolutionizing the second-hand fashion industry. As a prominent second-hand fashion marketplace, Thrifted offers a wide variety of pre-owned clothing while promoting sustainability. With a vast inventory of thousands of vintage products from over 90+ brands, Thrifted ensures that each item is meticulously categorized and described to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Committed to offering 100% authentic, handpicked vintage items, Thrifted provides unique, one-of-a-kind finds with worldwide shipping and 30-day returns. Thrifted’s mission is to make second-hand fashion accessible and appealing to a broad audience by offering well-organized, high-quality product listings, helping to reduce waste and support eco-friendly fashion choices.

Challenges Faced

Thrifted encountered several obstacles that challenged their growth and efficiency:

Manual Data Input: The process of entering product data manually was labor-intensive and prone to errors, leading to inconsistencies.

Insufficient Product Images: To list products on eBay, Thrifted needed at least eight images per product, but they were only capturing three to four images, limiting their ability to list items.

Complex Data Requirements: Managing extensive product details for Shopify, such as size, price, and cost calculations, required lots of Excel sheets and custom formulas.

The Solution: AI-Powered Tagging and Image Moderation by provided Thrifted with two key solutions to address these challenges:

Automatic Tagging and Data Enrichment:

- Pixyle's AI technology automated the tagging process, generating detailed and accurate product attributes such as neckline type, sleeve length, and waist type.

- The AI-driven platform also facilitated taxonomy mapping, aligning Thrifted's product data with eBay’s taxonomy to ensure seamless integration and accurate product listings.

Pixyle's AI technology automated the tagging process

Image moderation solution

Image Generation for eBay Listings:

-Pixyle introduced an innovative image moderation solution, creating additional images from existing ones. By splitting and enhancing initial product images, Pixyle helped Thrifted meet eBay's requirement of at least eight images per product.

These solutions not only automated and enriched product data but also significantly reduced manual effort and errors.

Results and Impact

Thrifted experienced remarkable improvements in both operational efficiency and sales performance:

Revenue Growth: Thrifted’s revenue on eBay surged from 2.5% to 20%, demonstrating a nearly 10x increase, thanks to the enhanced data enrichment and tagging provided by Pixyle.

Efficiency Gains: The automation of tagging and image generation streamlined Thrifted’s processes, enabling faster and more accurate product listings. Thrifted went from listing 60 products per hour to 120 products per hour, effectively doubling their efficiency. Additionally, the automation allowed them to capture three times more data points per product, significantly enhancing the richness and detail of their listings. This increased efficiency meant Thrifted could list more products in less time while providing better information to potential buyers, leading to higher sales.

Enhanced Product Discovery: The enriched data and additional images improved product visibility and discovery on eBay, reducing unsold inventory and increasing sales conversions.

"Thrifted Ltd went from 2.5% to 20% in revenue growth on eBay simply by integrating Pixyle’s AI! For second-hand marketplaces, one major challenge is the time-consuming process of data enrichment for listing secondhand inventory on eBay. Without rich data, shoppers can’t discover the products, leading to missed sales opportunities and unsold items sitting in warehouses. Thrifted solved the product data enrichment challenge with Pixyle’s AI tagging and data enrichment. Since implementing Pixyle’s AI, their revenue growth on eBay skyrocketed by almost 10x!" 

- Jonny Kemp, Managing Director at Thrifted

In Our Client's Words

Jonny Kemp, Thfrifted

"Partnering with has transformed our approach to product data management. The comprehensive AI tagging and image moderation solutions have not only streamlined our operations but also significantly boosted our sales on eBay. The detailed product attributes and additional images provided by Pixyle have enhanced our product listings, leading to substantial revenue growth and improved customer satisfaction." 

- Jonny Kemp, Managing Director at Thrifted