Empowering Esprit's Digital Transformation with Pixyle's AI Tagging Services

Published on

January 5, 2024

Case Studies

Collaboration Overview

Esprit, a globally recognised fashion brand, embarked on a digital transformation journey to streamline its wholesale e-commerce experience.

Facing challenges with time-consuming manual processes and inconsistencies in product data, Esprit partnered with Pixyle.ai to implement AI-powered tagging solutions, leading to significant improvements in their digital operations.

Outcome metrics and results from the collaboration between Pixyle and Esprit

About Esprit

Logo Esprit

Esprit, a global fashion brand, prioritizes a seamless wholesale e-commerce experience for buyers, aiming to provide an immersive shopping journey with comprehensive product data and user-friendly tools and services.

Challenges faced

Esprit grappled with 
time-consuming manual processes for creating accurate product data, leading to potential inconsistencies and inaccuracies that affected the user journey and experience on their B2B online shop.

Image showing Esprit's online retail platform

The Solution: Automatic Tagging by Pixyle.ai

Pixyle.ai's automatic tagging solution efficiently streamlined Esprit's digital operations, reducing the time-to-market for product data creation by 85%.

The AI-powered tagging process provided comprehensive and accurate product data, significantly enhancing the user experience and interface across Esprit's B2B online shop.

"Thanks to the enriched and detailed product data provided by Pixyle AI tagging, we can gain valuable insights into customer preferences. By analyzing the product attributes associated with highly-viewed and purchased items, we now understand customer preferences for product characteristics on a detailed level.”

- Laura Pelster, Project Manager at Esprit

Visual representation of Esprit's online retail platform

Results and Impact

By partnering with Pixyle.ai, Esprit witnessed a remarkable 10.1% increase in the conversion rate for users engaging with AI product data.

The enriched and detailed product data led to a 35% higher average order value for customers shopping on Esprit's B2B online shop.

Additionally, the enhanced product data facilitated a better understanding of customer preferences and allowed for precise product recommendations, ultimately contributing to improved sales conversions.

"The detailed AI product insights allow users to evaluate our products more closely, boosting their confidence and willingness to make larger purchases​​."

- Laura Pelster, Project Manager at Esprit

In our client's words

Laura Pelster
Digital Project Manager at Esprit

‘’Our collaboration with Pixyle.ai has transformed our product data management and enhanced the user experience on our B2B online shop, leading to significant increases in our conversion rates and average order value.

The comprehensive and precise product data provided by Pixyle.ai has been instrumental in driving our sales and improving customer satisfaction.’’

Laura Pelster
Digital Project Manager at Esprit

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