Otrium improves efficiency with a 90% boost in productivity with Pixyle’s machine learning and data integration

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April 25, 2024

Case Studies

Collaboration Overview

Otrium, an online fashion outlet offering discounted premium brands, faced challenges with its expanding product catalogue.

Manual tagging processes were time-consuming and error-prone, hindering efficiency and customer experience.

Pixyle.ai's solutions revolutionised Otrium's operations, leading to remarkable improvements.

Efficiency and productivity increase

About Otrium 

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Otrium operates as a leading online fashion outlet, providing access to premium and luxury brand clothing at significantly reduced prices at up to 75% discount. With a vast marketplace hosting hundreds of designer labels, Otrium addresses the challenge of unsold stock, ensuring that every fashion item finds its rightful owner.

Challenges Faced

  • manual tagging →  time-consuming and prone to errors
  • errors →  negative effect on consumer search experience
  • no scalability → the existing process couldn't keep up with growth goals

Automated tagging solution in action

The Solution: Automatic Tagging 

Pixyle.ai's product discovery platform delivers lightning-fast results, displaying product tagging outcomes in just 0.2 seconds and having the capability to tag an astonishing 336,000 images daily - a remarkable speed that is 100 times faster than human capabilities.

The platform ensures consistent and reliable tags throughout Otrium's entire product catalogue, a highly valuable feature for fashion retailers. Additionally, it enriches the company's product descriptions with powerful and descriptive tags, providing a deeper understanding of shoppers' intentions during their customer journeys, even in cases where prior customer information is lacking.

"We recognized the need to enhance the efficiency of product tagging and attribute processing, which were previously performed manually by our internal team. Moreover, product findability required improvement. Pixyle's assistance allowed us to break down the process into smaller, more manageable iterations, enabling swift implementation and fostering valuable feedback loops for continuous learning and improvement."

Results and Impact

By leveraging Pixyle.ai, Otrium successfully streamlined its operations and fostered continuous improvement through iterative processes.

Since the collaboration with Pixyle began, Otrium has experienced a remarkable 90% boost in efficiency and productivity. This achievement was attributed to the AI-driven colour detection solution, which automated the process for Otrium's inbound logistic team.

The integration of mapped Pixyle tags into Otrium search led to a 95% increase in search results for the test term "cotton".

The customer shopping experience was further enhanced by enabling various filters such as patterns and styles.

Thanks to Pixyle's automatic tagging and Shot Type detection solutions, Otrium has significantly improved the accuracy of their tags, achieving an impressive accuracy rate of over 90%.

AI-powered detection system in operation


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"Working with Pixyle has allowed us to provide a better experience for our customers, making product discovery easy and accurate, ensuring that every clothing item finds an owner." - Bradley King, Head of Product, Otrium.