Simplify product discovery with AI-powered product data generation and enrichment

Seamless integration. User-friendly setup. Up and running in a week.
Pixyle AI Visual dashboard of fashion item products with visible options for product tagging

94% of site searches end with irrelevant search results

Search result: white dot shirt showing three matching dress options on online store

Fixing interface issues can improve conversions, but it's only part of the solution.

Enter Pixyle. We complete the product discovery equation and help online stores implement the data foundations needed for an on-site experience that converts visitors into buyers.
Data-driven equation for converting visitors into buyers in on-site experiencesteps
Effortlessly incorporate visual AI data enrichment capabilities into your workflow

Easy integration into your workflow

Connect with API
API integration code in a system

Connect with API

Integrate the power of Pixyle directly into your systems, tailor it to your workflow and watch it work behind the scenes to generate and enhance your product data.

Pixyle AI Visual dashboard used by a fashion online store

Use visual dashboard

Leverage our dashboard for hands-on product data generation. Review, edit and validate automatically generated tags. Perfect for conducting on-demand QA.

Pixyle’s secret sauce

Built to scale

Pixyle's adaptable architecture efficiently handles large volumes of product data, ensuring top performance for both retailers and marketplaces alike.

Perpetual learning

Using exceptional training data, Pixyle consistently enhances the precision of our AI models. This guarantees accurate recognition and tagging of your product data.

In-depth taxonomy

Specializing in fashion ecommerce AI solutions, our company provides the industry's most extensive taxonomy for unparalleled categorization.

You’re in safe hands

Our team is rigorously trained and updated on the latest protocols. Regular testing, training, and audits keep us rock-solid.
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Ready to explore the bottom-line impact of precise, deep product data?
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The deepest taxonomy on the market
Manual QA for next-level accuracy
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Tech-agnostic, scalable cloud architecture
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