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Why choose Pixyle?

Experts in fashion

We're tech-loving fashionistas. Rooted in the fashion industry, we've developed a deep focus on clothing and apparel, giving us the highest level of product understanding.

Serious about accuracy

We take accuracy very, very seriously, using a scientific approach. We observe, question, create, predict, test and iterate. We don't look for easy answers, we look for correct answers.

Powerful AI

Our AI-powered software is fast: results are shown within only 0.2 seconds. Moreover, it can automatically tag 336,000 images in a day. That's over a hundred times more than a human.

Seamless integration

Quickly and easily integrate our API with your systems. Pixyle is a visual AI layer that can be used on top of your current tech stack. Easy to implement, easy to use. Yes, it's that simple.