Product recommendations that inspire inspires 

Our visual AI enables you to offer your site visitors visually similar products during their online journey and encourage them to discover more of your catalogue.

Pixyle's image recognition software enables you to deliver great online customer experiences. It's accurate, powerful and integrates seamlessly with your tech stack.

Why similar recommendations?

No product available? No problem

Out-of-stocks don't have to imply the end of the shopper's journey. You can now turn them into conversions by recommending relevant alternatives that are most visually similar to the product shoppers were considering.

Black dresses given as a similar alternative to the one that is out of stock
Similar black spaghetti tops given as recommended to the one the customer is currently viewing

Suggest more of what your customers really want

Search these days is really about understanding intent. Our technology analyses features and content of images, so that you can delight shoppers, by showing visually similar products to any fashion item they're looking at. Discovering the right products has never been easier.

Your Benefits

Improve product visibility
Offer visually similar products from your fashion catalogue to improve the online shopping experience
Increase order value
Inspire customers and cross-sell by making images of the latest fashion trends instantly shoppable
Never miss a conversion
Provide your shoppers with visually similar recommendations when running out of stock

Why choose Pixyle?

Experts in fashion

Pixyle has the largest knowledge-base for fashion, giving us the highest level of product understanding. We've developed a deep focus on clothing and apparel, and it's all about visuals.

Serious about accuracy

We care deeply about accuracy. We are scientists. We predict, test and iterate. It's in our DNA to question everything and look for correct answers instead of easy answers.

Powerful AI

Our AI-powered software is fast. Your customers will see visually similar results within only 0.2 seconds. We care deeply about customer experience and so does our AI software.

Seamless integration

Easily integrate our API within your technology stack. Pixyle is a visual AI layer that can be used with any technology systems you currently have. It's easy to implement, and easy to use.

Inspire your customers with relevant product recommendations