Better insights, better decisionsspires 

Let our powerful analytics tool help you discover what your customers are searching, identify what styles are converting best and move faster than your competitors.

Pixyle's image recognition software enables you to deliver great online customer experiences. It's accurate, powerful and integrates seamlessly with your tech stack.

Why business intelligence?

Visualize the gap

Identify in real-time what the most wanted colours, patterns, and product categories are.

Graphic visual of top searched products, colors and tags
Trend report of women’s apparel with categories and colors that were most browsed the last 30 days

Anticipate trends

Instantly see what styles are trending and react in time by closing the gaps you have in your catalogue.

Your benefits

Addressing customer needs
By collecting and analysing vast amounts of data, we allow you to better understand your customers to better serve them.
Outsmart your competitors
Get relevant insights on consumer behaviour and fashion trends and use it to steer your business, smarter and faster than your competition.
Seamless integration
Pixyle's business intelligence tool is compatible to any platform. Integrate with existing solutions like Power BI, Tableau or Google's Data Studio.

Why choose Pixyle?

Experts in fashion

Rooted in the fashion industry, we've developed a deep focus on clothing and apparel. We have the largest knowledge-base for clothing and apparel, giving us the highest level of product understanding.

Serious about accuracy

We care about accuracy. We use a scientific approach to observe, question, predict, test and iterate. We we look for correct answers, and not for easy answers. And we never stop.

Powerful AI

Our AI-powered software is robust, reliable, scalable and fast. Visual search results are shown to your customers in a blink of an eye. Within only 0.2 seconds.

Seamless integration

Easily integrate our visual AI API within your technology stack. Pixyle is a SaaS AI layer that can be used with any technology systems you currently have. It's easy to implement, and easy to use.

Turn data into actionable insights with business intelligence