Infographic: Automated Product Tagging Workflow

Published on

December 28, 2023


When talking about businesses, do you know where first impressions matter most? That would be the dynamic world of online shopping.

Another interesting fact: 87% of shoppers are influenced by product visuals. However, the real MVPs behind successful purchases are the product tags. Enter Automated Product Tagging – the wizardry that turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

Imagine a process that not only speeds up your product launch but also guarantees precise and consistent information. Our infographic takes you behind the scenes of this revolutionary technology, showcasing how AI-powered solutions transform your products with lightning speed.

From faster time to market and increased conversion rates to a decrease in cart abandonment, discover the tangible benefits that Automated Product Tagging brings to the forefront.

Join us on a journey to elevate your e-commerce experience and witness the impactful numbers that make AI tagging an absolute success.

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