Black Friday 2024: An Ultimate Guide for Fashion E-commerce

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October 13, 2022

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Black Friday guide for fashion e-commerce

Black Friday is one of the most important days of the year for fashion stores, but it can also be complicated as well.

Meeting the expectations of millions of shoppers is a challenge for every retailer.  

Customers expect amazing promotions and deals from their favorite brands, and in return, they reward the brands with big spending. 

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In 2021 88 million Americans made a purchase on Black Friday.

According to Adobe Digital Economy Index, American consumers spent $8.9 billion online during Black Friday that same year. Based on the numbers, we can easily conclude that Black Friday generates a lot of money for e-commerce businesses. 

In this article, we will offer you some tips on how to handle Black Friday this year, so you can successfully boost your sales. 

Black Friday History - When Did Black Friday Start? 

For plenty of people, Black Friday means taking advantage of the crazy-good deals brands offer, but what’s the history of Black Friday?

According to History Channel, the phrase Black Friday was first used to describe the financial crisis after the US’s gold market crashed. The term became associated with retail after stores had poor sales during the entire year, or as they called it, they were “in the red”.

The day after Thanksgiving, they were “in the black”, after the rush of shoppers purchased discounted goods from their stores. 

According to CNN Money, Black Friday started in the 1950s in Philadelphia. The term was used to describe all of the people who flocked from the suburbs to Philadephia on the days after Thanksgiving to shop. 

How To Prepare Your Online Store For Black Friday 

You wouldn’t be surprised by the fact that competition is pretty intense during Black Friday.

Brands try to attract new and retain old customers, and to do that, they bring their A-game to the table. 

To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to make sure you’re prepared.

Some things you can do to be ready for the next Black Friday include the following:

  • Take time to build an audience
  • Create content around Black Friday
  • Build excitement with sneak peeks and teasers
  • Make sure your marketing strategy is supported by sufficient amounts of stock

5 Black Friday Strategies to Try for Your Online Store

#1 Take Advantage of Social Media

Leading up to Black Friday, you can build anticipation among your customers through social media.

In the digital world, we live in, more and more people ever rely on social proof to make purchasing decisions.

Social media is the best source of social proof at users’ disposal, where they can see pictures, videos, and stories of your products. 

Make sure that your social media profiles contain pictures of the products you want to sell, alongside testimonials from happy customers.

Another great way to seal the deal with potential customers is to include videos of your products since video content is becoming increasingly popular. 

One thing to remember while creating social media posts for Black Friday is that they need to have a sense of urgency to them and highlight the fact that the offer stands for only a limited amount of time.

Additionally, to prevent your posts from getting lost in the crowd, it’s a great idea to create custom hashtags for your brand and use trending Black Friday hashtags. 

#2 Rescue Abandoned Carts

There’s still a high percentage of abandoned shopping carts in online stores. To be more precise, the average cart abandonment rate is just under 70%

You can try to rescue abandoned carts with different automation tools, including email automation.

For instance, you can send out automatic emails that remind shoppers of all the nice things they forgot in their shopping cart.

Sometimes, they’ll be thankful they’re reminded, and as a result, you will increase your conversions.  

#3 Improve Site Search

Improving your on-site search functionality will aid shoppers in navigating your site quickly and finding the products they’re looking for.

One of the things that can help with your customers’ product discovery is visual search. 

Visual search allows shoppers to upload an image of something they like and get similar recommendations. similar recommendations

With Pixyle, your customers can now search by image, instead of going through the process of typing in keywords to get what they want. 

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#4 Use Website Pop-Ups

People don’t like missing out on great opportunities, which is why targeted pop-ups work so well.

They encourage users to click the offer and elicit a sense of urgency among your audience.

Targeted pop-ups will improve the performance of your site and increase conversions in no time. 

#5 Offer Bundles

Another great idea would be to include bundles of items that logically go together.

You can do this with almost any product - makeup, jewelry, shoes, and more!

Bundle discounts can help you introduce customers to new products, increase average order value, sell products that aren’t so popular, and get rid of excess inventory.

#6 Free Shipping

Did you know that 9 out of 10 shoppers say that free shipping is the main incentive to shop online more? 

To be able to make a profit while offering free shipping, you can include the cost of shipping into the products’ price. 

Another thing that you can benefit from is adding a minimum price or a specific number of items (2 or more) to qualify for free shipping.  

Final Words

Many fashion brands are gearing up for the holiday season, so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. 

With a bit of planning and preparation, you can greatly increase your profit during Black Friday.

Use the tips we list above to make this Black Friday the best sales day you’ve had. 

To find out how Pixyle can help you achieve this, book a custom demo or see us in action!

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Harness the power of Visual AI

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How technology changes the face of retail.

Retail Trends

How technology changes the face of retail.

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How technology changes the face of retail.

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